Things to Do During Mandatory Stay at Home due to COVID-19

COVID-19 info compilation — Part 3

This series includes —
Part 1
: Symptoms and Current Situations
Part 2: Prevention — How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus by Lowering Probabilities of Getting Infected
Part 3: Things to Do during Mandatory Stay at Home
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Image: Doctors and nurses urging people to stay at home. Source: Online

This is Part 3 of the COVID-19 information compilation series. It includes ideas and resources on all the fun and productive activities you can do during your mandatory stay at home. This post has info on —

  • Virtual Concerts, Museum Tours and Hackathons
  • Live Animal Cams
  • Online Streaming Services and TV
  • Dating, Starting a Hobby, Exercise
  • E-books, Podcasts, Radio and Audiobook Libraries for Kids
  • Online Learning Resources, Libraries, and Datasets

Virtual Concerts

Singers and artists are offering virtual concerts.

Google for more and up-to-date virtual concerts as it keeps coming.

Virtual Museum Tours

Image: National Women’s History Museum, USA
Image: National Women’s History Museum, USA
Image: Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA
Image: Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA

Watch Animals on Live Cam

This part is for animal lovers and little kids who are driving their parents nuts since schools/daycare centers are closed. These parents can keep one or several of these live cams on their monitors or TV and keep the babies busy all day long.

Image: Live Cams — San Diego Zoo
Image: Live Cams — San Diego Zoo

Here is a bonus — an incredibly hilarious and creative short film where actual human interviews were put in zoo animals’ mouths. The jaguar’s expression is priceless. Nick Park won the Oscars for Best Animated Short Film in 1990.

Video Short Film — Nick Park’s Creature Comforts 1989

Start a Hobby

Having a hobby can be therapeutic. Spend some time to find out what you wanted to do in the past or when you were a child —

Video: Believe in Yourself by Adcom
  • Make youtube videos — know something unique ? Record it and share with others
Video: How to Make YouTube Videos for Beginners
  • Learn Dancing
Video: How to Dance with Rhythm (Club Dance for Beginners)
  • Learn singing
Video: Sing Better in 5 Minutes
  • Learn an instrument
Video: How to Play Guitar for Beginners
  • Do gardening
Video on Indoor Gardening by Reusing Plastic Bottles
Video on Easiest Indoor Hydroponic Gardening
Video on Easiest Aquaponic Gardening

Volunteering and Pro Bono Work

It’s always a great idea to give back to the society. Here are some resources to find useful info on volunteering and pro bono work that are doable virtually. You can find a more detailed info on volunteering resources on the Gates Foundation website.

Most big cities, counties and geographic regions have legal pro bono services which you can search google by location.

Dating — Love at the Time of Corona

Image: a male and female kissing while wearing facemask
Source: Flikr

Dating is particularly challenging now that you are not allowed to meet people in person for safety reasons. Think about the positive sides of meeting someone online before meeting in person. This way you can save money, time and energy. Because you don’t have to make a trip to meet the person, save money by not having to order foods or drinks, can be in your pjs, and you can drop the call if things don’t go well. You can use online videoconferencing tools like —

  • Zoom
  • Google Hangout
  • Skype
  • Facetime video call
  • Whatsapp video call
  • Facebook Messenger video call
  • Cisco WebEx
  • GoToMeeting

You may have watched the movie ‘Her’ where people are falling in love with AI voices. Good news is we are not there yet — no one has fallen in love with Siri or Alexa. However, some people are trying out Virtual Reality dating. Here is an example —

Video on Virtual Reality (VR) Dating

Online Streaming Services, and TV

Video: ‘Contagion’ Movie Trailer

Podcasts and Radio

Online Libraries and Audiobooks

Audio Book Libraries for Kids

Online Learning Resources

Participate in Virtual Hackathons

Due to the pandemic, a lot of hackathons are going virtual. Participating in a hackathons can be a life changing experience for some people.

Online Datasets and Projects

A Call to Action has been released by the White House to the Tech Community on New Machine Readable COVID-19 Dataset. Here are some sites with COVID-19 datasets —

Image: Collective Intelligence Dashboard on Trello
Image: Collective Intelligence Dashboard on Trello


  • Cardio Exercise at home
Video: High Knees Running In Place
  • Try Yoga
Video on Yoga for Complete Beginners
  • Learn headstand (doesn’t need too much space to learn)
Video: How to Do A Headstand for Beginners
  • Exercise using phone apps — You can find plenty of free exercise apps that you can use to workout at home without equipments.
  • Psychological exercise — Evaluate/retrospect past 10 years of your life — what you wanted to do and what you have achieved

Other Activities

  • Connect with your old friends
  • Spend time with your friends, family and close ones online
  • Clean up your house — try watching Tidying Up on Netflix if you need some inspiration
  • Watch Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech to learn what matters if life.
Video: Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech